A New Marketing Strategy Is Like A Move Around Country

Bob just got a promotion. After years of hard work and keeping his nose to the grindstone, his efforts have paid off. He can sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

That is until his boss informs him combined with the advertising comes to a move to another office – in another state – clear across the nation.

A New Marketing Strategy Is Like A Move Around Country

And we all know what that involves. Not only does Bob need to arrange for new utilities, new schools for your children and meeting with moving companies, he now has a million other little details to look after. That kind of stress can transform a sane person into a raving madman.

Nobody likes to move. Bob must wonder if the advertising is well worth it. Not only is he starting fresh somewhere else, the hat to prove himself all over again.

Choosing a new marketing strategy can be likened to a cross-country move. Although it's exciting to consider, the details can be overwhelming. Bob is comfortable at his present office. Likewise, tried and true marketing of a brand is comfy: not just to the business that gives the product, but to the customer also. The question then becomes, will alter help or interfere with a known brand?

Staying stagnant within an ever-changing marketing environment can sound a death knell to a new, however well known. You can see that happening every day on any company page in the information. Sitting back and allowing complacency to take over only indicates your brand is out of touch with the current marketplace.  


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