Best Cuts For Stew

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Stews can turn into an amazing meal if prepared properly. In order to make the perfect stew, you need to ensure you have right meat cut for it. In order to help you out, here are some of the cuts that are most suited for beef stews. 


  • The Chuck

The chuck is a relatively cheaper cut, coming from around the cow’s neck. Many shops that offer halal meat delivery Sydney can home deliver this very common piece to you as well. It comes with a good flavor, and a variety of tissues making it appealing, although this means that the pieces may differ in their fattiness and tenderness.

  • Short ribs

This cut comes from the plate area, that is the com’s underside, close to the belly. These pieces not only give a more consistent texture, but also have that rich beefy flavor perfect for a stew. However, these are relatively more expensive than the chuck.

  • Briskets

The most common use of this breast cut is in barbeques and pastrami, however, this cut is perfect for a stew as well. The deckle, or the fattier part of the brisket is usually used for stews, since it becomes dry and tough. A plus point is that this piece is not at all expensive.

  • The Oxtail

If you’re looking for a truly fatty cut for your beef stew, nothing beats the oxtail. Packed with fat and gelatin, and with marrow filling the centre, this piece is perfect for a slow cooked stew. Although you may have to pick out the bones once it’s ready.

We hope this guide helps you get the perfect cut you want for your stew. 


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