Diverticulitis Disease: Healthy Tips and Guides

Diverticulitis disease tends to develop with age and is more common in older adults. However, diverticulitis disease can attack all ages of people. Diverticulitis disease itself is a condition in which diverticuli rupture in the colon and results in the tissue’s infection which surrounds the colons.

Usually, diverticulitis disease requires medical treatment because if left untreated, it can cause more serious and severe complication. It may even threaten and harm your life. A mild diverticulitis disease can be treated with medications or antibiotics and rest. For more severe conditions, it may require a surgery.

While there are variety symptoms which can occur in diverticulitis disease, the most common symptoms of diverticulitis disease are:

Abdominal cramping



Change in bowel habit

Nausea or vomiting

Chills and fever

In some cases, patient might experience bleeding from their rectum or bloating in their abdominal area. Diverticulitis disease can also cause more serious complications such as peritonitis, fistula, abscess, rectal bleeding and blockage in the colon. These symptoms are medical emergency.

To avoid and prevent diverticulitis disease, some medical experts will recommend patient to avoid corn, seeds and nuts. Patients can also have a diet which is high in fiber to prevent constipation and increase stool bulk.

Well, if you feel any symptoms of the diverticulitis disease, make sure that you visit your doctor for a further body check up to ensure that your health is in a good condition. Don’t wait until your condition get worse because a severe diverticulitis disease can be life threatening.

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