Features Of A 3PL Warehouse You Should Take Care Of

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Transportation and logistics have become a very important part of our Industry today. All the companies need a reliable support for getting the products and services to reach out to customers. You also need to hire a crane truck for picking a lot of boxes and packages. A modern service has to be very fast and multitasking. The eCommerce and service Industry has to face very fierce competition in order to survive in the market. But a good transportation company has the experience to tackle all the demands. There are packages for different services. You also need warehousing service so that you can manage the big distances and ensure the products are safe.

 These services are relevant to the FMCG Industry and even the big corporations with eCommerce websites. If you are booking warehousing service for the first time, then you need to ask some questions and make sure that they are meeting your standards. Here are some features of a 3PL Warehouse that you should expect:

Good Network

The 3pl warehouse must have a good network. It must be well connected in the shipping area and to the roads. It should also be connected to the freight services. It should also be based in a good location in the city near the customers.

Warehouse Facility

The warehousing facility should also be very top notch. There should be proper space and infrastructure to hold a  variety of goods. It should also be safe and free from pest. The location of warehouse is also important.

Timely Delivery

The warehouse service must be designed in a way that it is easy to pick up the materials and at the same time there should be a promise time to deliver all the projects.

Transportation Vehicles

The warehouse is also connected to many vehicles which they provide as a facility. It includes trucks, vans, cranes etc.

IT Service

The warehouse shipping must also be traceable via IT support. It includes a website where customer can put an order number and proceed with it.


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