Neolith Marble – Reinventing The Furnishing Industry

Neolith is a stone which is proven to be an excellent material for bath, kitchen and external claddings. It is ultra slim, compact and dense. It is preferred for flooring, interior wall cladding, cabinet faces and in furniture as well. Neolith furniture is becoming an increasing favored choice in the market. Neolith furniture is a result of an engineered surface, but still being natural in its form. It is made up of silica, clay, mineral oxide and feldspar. Neolith is available in large sheets which allow covering the furniture easily. This very characteristic of neolith is making the construction of furniture simple. The high technology, manufacturing process of neolith creates a material that is so strong, that it is actually bulletproof.

Neolith marble is resistant to stains, scratches, high temperatures, fire and harmful UV rays. It is also waterproof, hygienic, easy to clean, lightweight and completely natural and recyclable. These features easily make the neolith marble so attractive and preferred for use. The material of neolith is so thin that it can also be used to cover any existing furniture or countertop to give a completely new look.

A versatility in the architecture and design, product comes with the addition of Neolith. A wide range of colors and different types of finishes to match the personal specifications is another added benefit. A totally tailor made look for commercial, residential or industrial use can be created. The size of the large slab of Neolith makes the cabinets and drawers to be oversized for storage. Patterns that include wood like, satin smooth finishes let absolutely anything made with Neolith to be a  personalized version. Neolith marble is highly wanted for both residential and commercial settings. Get in touch with a design company which is not just experienced but also knowledgeable to cover your next neolith project in the best possible way.


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