Start Your Own T-Shirt brand

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Breaking into the fashion industry is not an easy task. There is tough competition out there. Don't give up hope, because there are ways to make a start and get your brand started. Getting your design printed onto a tshirt is a great option when you are starting out. Experiment with different ideas on how to get it printed or go with more classic ideas, where it is different logo designs.

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A good and affordable way to start your brand is to make your own tshirt online. There are many websites that provide online tools to put your design onto a t-shirt , get it printed and delivered to you or your customers.


Do you know Your Niche Market?

In order to be have a successful t-shirt brand, you need to know the market you are targeting. The market may already be saturated and appear to have no way to get in on it. Don't let this put you off, there is ways to get your t shirt selling in no time. 


Research your tshirt market

If you want to sell your t-shirt design, you need to become a part of it. This is why it is good to design tshirts for something you are interested in. The best way to get to know your market is to use social media. Get on you tube and type in keywords. See what channels there are. Learn which are the leading social media people in your niche. Once you start to get a feel for the market, you will start to see gaps or areas that you can target that other businesses are not. Street wear is a very broad market. You can break it down into sections like; streetwear t-shirts; Mens street wear t-shirts or funny street wear tshirts. The more focused you can be the better your chances are for selling.


Tshirts Are An Affordable Way To Start

In the past, you needed to pay a screen printer for different screens to be made, depending on how many colours you were to use. Nowadays, there are garment ink jet printers that can print many colours at one time. This means that you can make your own tshirts for a fraction of the cost. Start with just one or two tshirts to try it out. Send them to friends to wear and promote.


Setting up a tshirt website

Once you have made your designs and know your niche market. The best place to sell your tshirts is from your own website. WordPress is the best way to go. Once you pay for your tshirt domain name and hosting, you can quickly learn how to make your website with tutorials. Once you get the tshirt site up and running, you can promote it via instagram, facebook or youtube. Having your own website is the best because it provides you with a professional shop front without all the over heads.

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The best way to start in the fashion industry is to make your own tshirt using an online website. Then research and locate your target audience. Build a website to display your tshirt designs, then write about it in your blog. Promote your tshirt brand online using facebook, youtube or Instagram.


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