Worldwide Brands Review – Are There Any Negatives?

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As I looked around the Internet, I noticed that all of the Worldwide Brands reviews were really quite positive – very few mentioned any serious negatives about the popular online directory of certified suppliers.  But, like with most products, there are both good and bad points about Worldwide Brands – so in this review I'm going to start with the negatives.

Worldwide Brands is expensive at nearly $300 for membership – and there are no free trials or detailed free previews (there is a preview, but it's pretty useless), so that's quite an investment to make.  Although I should be fair and mention that there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Well, that's one negative but there's another important one too.  If you are used to buying through sites like eBay or DHGate, where you can buy from multiple wholesalers/retailers in a single transaction on the main site, then you may struggle to get used to Worldwide Brands.

With Worldwide Brands you can easily search through more than 16 million wholesale products, but if you want to buy any you cannot do that through the main site – you have to contact each supplier individually by telephone or email and deal with them directly.  That's good because you can build a relationship, but also bad because it requires so much more work.

So while Worldwide Brands has many good points, if you're thinking of joining make sure you're aware of the negatives above too.


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