Free Fire Battlegrounds Hack: All You Need to Know and More

Free Fire Battlegrounds is one of the most popular mobile games in the battle royale genre today. Released by Garena, one of the major game publishers in Indonesia, this type of game has redefined the survival game category, which was previously known for zombies involved in the violent and frenzied scenarios.

Free Fire Battlegrounds can be played on any Android and IOS device alongside 49 gamers from all over the world. On Google Play alone, it has exceeded the 10-million mark in downloads. In fact, it’s been most downloaded, beating Rules of Survival (ros) and PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (pubg), and continues to get many hits. It was top-ranked in 23 countries and was among the top 5 overall.


How is Free Fire Played?

Common among survival shooter games, Free Fire Battlegrounds involves parachuting the player from an airplane. He will then find himself having landed on an island and tasked to find weapons and healing kits. As a third-person player, you can pick any starting point on the map and collect as many ammunitions as you can possibly grab to stay alive in the game.

Ultimately, the goal is to avoid opponents, kill them before they kill you, and be the last person standing. But of course, this is not without tough challenges along the way. You have to master your ambush skills using stealth as one way to win the game. You could be a sniper using a 4x scope before your opponents see you, or you can also form a group and face adversity together.

Learn More About Free Fire Safe zone

"As a player, you are basically exploring a map that has a fairly small area yet it has multiple environments. You will come across other players easily as a result, leaving very little space for the safe zone. Outside this spot, which is the red zone, you are a sitting duck, so you do your best to remain in the safe zone. Every now and then, a message will appear that says the safe zone is shrinking. This makes the game a very challenging one as you progress in it.

Here’s the summarized process in playing Free Fire Backgrounds:

1- Start the match by choosing solo or dual player.

2- Jump off the plane and open your parachute to land on the island.

3- Explore the city and grab any weapons and supplies.

4- Be conscious of your safe zone.

5- Avoid your opponents, kill them as needed until you’re the last player standing.


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Learn How to do the intuitive controls

"As expected, you have to be familiar with a number of maneuvers in order to survive this game. Aside from attacking opponents, you will need to duck, lie on the floor, prone in order to avoid being seen. If you’re not adept at these moves, you can die in minutes. But it’s just a matter of getting used to. You will find a map on the left corner which you can enlarge by zooming in for a clearer perspective. The red spots that will show means there are nearby opposing squads.

The joystick at the bottom corner allows to move your player. The sprint action lets you run. You also have the fire button, along with the jump, crouch and prone options. The top right portion shows you the number of players that are still alive as well as those you have killed. Below this, you have a list of weapons you have collected, which you can simply tap when you need to use any of them. A bag icon has all the supplies you have kept. Click on each one to get more information about the item.

How animated are the graphics on free fire

The graphics are nothing spectacular, but they’re not that bad either, in fact, they’re quite realistic. I would say that Garena considered their market to be gamers using low-end to mid-range phones. This can be frustrating for gamers with high-end smartphones who will not be able to play the game with crisp visuals. So even with a bigger screen and the adjustable graphics setup, you would still wish it could be better. While it lacks in the graphics department, it makes up for the audio quality. It is highly recommended for you to wear a headset for optimal gaming experience.

Free Fire Battlegrounds game objective

Throughout the game, you will look for all sorts of weaponry and keep them. You will need guns when you engage in battles. There are even powered rifles that you can find at different markers on the map. You cannot play it safe by simply hiding out. You’re not going to win the game that way. At some point, you will have to get out there and face your opponents head on. Getting a good grasp of your environment and map is key to your win.

Your own free fire battlegrounds squad

While you can’t form a big group that is possible in most role playing games, you can still create a team of 4 players in Free Fire Battlegrounds. They may comprise of your actual friends or random online acquaintances. Together, you can strategize your moves, help one another in action, and fortify your resolve in order to win. With the Free Fire Battlegrounds Cheats Tool, you can make your squad a social activity.

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Strategies to survive free fire battlegrounds

While the Free Fire Battlegrounds hacks can be very useful, remember that there is still no sure-fire guarantee for your eventual victory. Bottom line is, you have to figure out your own strategy by studying your map, when to use your weapons, etc. And if you’re playing as a squad, you should plan together so your moves will add more to your team’s advantage.

You may also find the following tips to aid in your survival:

Choose a landing spot that has less people on it. You are unarmed when you land, which makes you an easy kill for your opponents if you are dropped on a crowded area. Avoiding your enemies is your survival strategy. The game is not a shooting contest, but a survival one. So if you see a lot of them in the beginning, you are not playing the game right.

The use of headphones will allow you to hear alerts such as firing shots near you or sound of vehicles driving past. This way, you can react quickly to avoid being shot. Take advantage if you see the enemy first by shooting him right away. If opponents are within close range, move stealthily if not, mobilize in an unpredictable pattern. Stay alive!

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